Major Brokerages Launch NYC Buyer Graph to Transform Local Real Estate Market

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What is the NYC Buyer Graph?

Leading residential real estate brokerages in New York City have launched a groundbreaking cooperative to make New York the most innovative, consumer-first residential real estate market in the country.

The platform, powered by RealScout, enables consumers and agents to search for the perfect property using RealScout’s award winning property search, make data-driven decisions about their buying/selling process with proprietary data, and collaborate with agents who have clients ready to transact.

Are you a broker outside of New York? Click Here

The Power of Your Buyer Data, Unleashed.

RealScout is the only technology platform that realizes the potential of your buyer data from start to finish.

Rapid Listing Alerts

Notify your clients of new listings faster, using our natural language emails branded for you. Alerts are customized for every buyer.

Safe Search

RealScout’s full-browser search experience keeps clients inside a safe haven for collaboration - no ads for other agents.

Property Comparison

Our industry-first property comparison feature automatically displays listings side-by-side, room-by-room using machine learning.

Protect Your Data

Stop valuable homebuyer demand data from leaking into portals and instead leverage it to win and sell more deals.

For Web and Mobile

RealScout is designed to work beautifully on devices of all shapes and sizes. Plus, we have apps for iOS and Android.


RealScout integrates with all your favorite products, whether they are portals, websites or CRMs.

Bess Freedman
Brown Harris Stevens

“By offering the industry's premier collaborative search platform, Brown Harris Stevens will deliver an incredible benefit to our agents by keeping them completely in sync with their homebuyers."

Steven James
Douglas Elliman NYC

“Through RealScout, Douglas Elliman joins the NYC Buyer Graph alongside a broad base of the top residential real estate companies in New York City. 

“The Buyer Graph enables us to securely share critical market data with member brokerages, allowing us to help consumers make high-quality decisions about their real estate needs.”

Elizabeth Ann Stribling-Kivlan
Stribling & Associates, Ltd.

“We’re proud to be inaugural members of the NYC Buyer Graph.

“The strong shared vision among the member real estate brands has the potential to elevate our market’s consumer experience to the next level.”

Richard Grossman

“Halstead is excited to launch RealScout for our brokers, and we are also proud to participate with the other firms who have subscribed in our marketplace.

“We are confident that the technology will help bring efficiency and transparency to the agent-affiliated home search process in New York City.”

Clelia Peters
Warburg Realty

“Warburg is excited to have been an early supporter of RealScout. The NYC Buyer Graph will offer New York real estate professionals a powerful tool to leverage the most relevant and sophisticated information in working with their clients. 

“[It’s] a major step to fundamentally modernizing our real estate ecosystem.”

Capture Consumer Attention

Tens of thousands of real estate professionals trust RealScout to engage and convert their homebuyers.

Collect Buyer Data

Reveal insights about your clients’ search behavior and glean insights about homebuyer demand across New York City -- see which features are most desired, how many buyers are searching at various price points, and which brokers have the right buyer for your listing.

Capitalize on More Profitable Deals

Leverage homebuyer demand data to increase the level of sophistication in your listing presentation and identify new opportunities to successfully and profitably sell new listings.

The RealScout Difference

Consumer Experience

Great user experience and design define who we are. Our beautiful email alerts boast 17x higher CTR than industry averages because they look great on any device. Our search experience qualifies buyers faster, and agents adopt and love our software because we make it incredibly easy to use.


We’re a Silicon Valley company with technology in our DNA. We pioneered innovations like computer vision and machine learning in real estate to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences to our users. Our API, lead ingestion, and single-sign-on solutions make implementation a breeze for brokerages.


Our team brings together world-class talent in real estate, tech and business to solve real estate’s biggest problems. Because we value long-term, collaborative partnerships with our customers, we’ve invested in an on-shore team that provides high quality, human support.

Why Brokers are Losing the Battle for Buyer Data

Andrew Flachner

A common observation in both is that brokerages and traditional real estate professionals are behind the curve in this buyer data land grab. Losing this battle means that brokerages and agents could lose control over their transaction supply and demand, thus weakening their ...

Dominate supply by understanding demand.